Tautan penting tentang tata kelola internet (Internet Governance)


List of National and Regional IGF Initiatives

Regional IGF Initiatives Websites Annual Reports 2011
African IGF http://afigf.uneca.org/
Arab IGF www.igfarab.org Not Available
Asia Pacific IGF http://www.rigf.asia Asia Pacific Regional IGF Annual Report 2011
Caribbean IGF http://www.connectedcaribbean.com Not Available
Central Africa IGF http://www.fgi-ac.org Central Africa IGF Annual Report 2011
Commonwealth IGF http://www.commonwealthigf.org/ Commonwealth IGF Annual Report 2011
East Africa IGF http://www.eaigf.or.ke/ East Africa IGF Annual Report 2011
European Dialogue on IGF (EuroDig) http://www.eurodig.org EuroDIG Annual Report 2011
Latin America and Caribbean IGF http://lacnic.net/ Not Available
Pacific IGF http://pacificigf.org/ Pacific IGF Annual Report 2011
Southern Africa IGF http://www.ngopulse.org/saigf Not Available
West Africa IGF www.waigf.org West Africa IGF Annual Report 2011
National IGF Initiatives Websites Annual Reports 2011
Bangladesh IGF http://www.bigf.org Bangladesh IGF Annual Report 2011
Brazil IGF http://forumdainternet.cgi.br/
Cote d’Ivoire IGF http://www.igici.ci Not Available
Canada IGF http://cif.cira.ca/ Canada IGF Annual Report 2011
Denmark IGF http://www.itst.dk/ Not Available
Finland IGF http://www.internetforum.fi/ [pdf]
Germany IGF http://www.igf-d.org Not Available
Italy IGF http://www.igf-italia.it Not Available
Japan IGF http://igf-jp.org Japan IGF Annual Report 2011
Kenya IGF http://www.eaigf.or.ke/nigfs/kigf.html Not Available
Netherlands IGF http://www.nligf.nl Not Available
New Zealand IGF http://nethui.org.nz Not Available
Portugal IGF www.isoc.pt Not Available
Russia IGF http://rigf.ru Russia IGF Annual Report 2011
Rwanda IGF Not Available Not Available
Spain IGF http://www.gobernanzainternet.es Not Available
Tanzania IGF http://www.eaigf.or.ke/images/NIGF/200/Tanzania_Nigf.pdf Not Available
Togo IGF http://www.fgi-togo.tg Togo IGF Annual Report 2011
Uganda IGF http://www.eaigf.or.ke/nigfs/uigf.html Uganda IGF Annual Report 2011
Ukrainian IGF http://igf-ua.org Not Available
United Kingdom IGF http://www.ukigf.org.uk United Kingdom IGF Annual Report 2011
USA IGF http://www.igf-usa.us/ IGF USA Annual Report 2011
Others Website Annual Report
Youth IGF Project http://www.youthigfproject.com/ Youth IGF Project Report
Youth IGF www.youthigf.com Youth IGF Message

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